7 Reasons You Should Consider Storybook Creation Rather Than Photo Book Making

  1. Online Archival and Preservation of your Stories

It does not have to be the same story we tell every year at grandma’s. It is crucial to capture the story behind every photo. The ability to go into detail allows you to hand down your heritage and record present time, which in turn will create future memories lovebook.

  1. Secure off-site storage of your most precious photos

Your computer’s hard drives can suddenly crash, taking with it your photos and other documents. The best way to protect your photos is to keep them safe in an encrypted online account.

  1. Reduce clutter and make storage less complicated

The kitchen sink is a must-have for traditional scrappers. Digital Storybooking doesn’t require extra storage space. There’s no need for bins. Paper, ribbons, bows. Extra space. Brads. buttons. Clippers. Cutters. Storage closets. You won’t need extra space for your Storybooks.

  1. Save time and money

The fact that you won’t need all of these things will help you save money as well as gas and time. You don’t have to walk around the stores looking for everything. You might be halfway through your storybook by then. It will also help you to make space in your own home. Working online means that you don’t have to worry whether your photos will be cut or organized. You also won’t need to pay for photo paper or printer ink. Can you upload existing artwork? You can save time by using an online site. You don’t even need to take anything with you when traveling. Just log into your account to start storybooking. You don’t have to write a long story. Start small and work with the images you already have. You will be able to use the many free online tools and software as you learn. Do 5 nights consecutively and do one night each. Not only will it be easier to master, but it will also increase your enthusiasm and allow you to make time for it. These are your “baby moves” or “learning curve”. An example of an easy story is one that focuses on the last event you attended, the reasons behind it, and the last trip or family tradition that you loved.

  1. Photo Storage and Account Policy

Make sure you check to make sure that the site or software you’re using allows you remove your photos at any moment. It is worth checking to see if they will modify the photos you upload. Some sites reduce the pixels in your image. This is a problem if you want to download your photos back to the hard drive and use them to create a project. Some photo companies are charging extra to get your photos back! You should read the fine print. It is worth your effort. Find out about their use of your photos and how long it is valid for.

  1. These are the features and functions of the product:

You should look into the options available on your site or software. You can customize the templates provided or type as much as possible. Can you create your own project? Can you upload as many photos or as much digital artwork to each page as you’d like? What kind of and how much digital art are you allowed to use? Once you begin to build your storybook, you will not want to be restricted by lack of features. Do they offer any other products? Is there a direct shipping option? Do you have the ability to share your project with another person? They can modify your storybook, and then update it to make it look their own? Do you have access to a support person or can you just speak with them? Do you have access to online chat, friendly tutorials or a reference guide?

  1. Multiple copies and sharing via Email

You may be able to email your project or publish it in your blog. You will want to share what you’ve done with others at minimal expense and have the option to make your own storybook. Learn how long your account is good for, what the cost is after so many months, and what to do to ensure you don’t lose your projects. You might decide to publish multiple projects later on in life, when your family will be larger. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to tell your friends that there is a place where they can scan in their scrapbooks? They can then make duplicate copies for family members.

It is important to find the right fit. The service you choose should respect your photos, memories, and stories. Your family’s stories and memories are valuable. It may not feel like it at first, but it will. You don’t want to wait for it to be too late. Don’t wait for fate to decide what your memories will look like. Start now and take action.