Art in Beverages – Blooming Teas

Think of the difference that presentation makes for a meal. A delicious food choice thrown haphazardly onto a plate is not as enjoyable as a plate that is arranged for beauty. With blooming teas, artisans will take tea leaves and tie them together with a cotton cord in order to make a flower. Flowers are then dried for storage and shipping. When you add boiling water, the flowers are brought back to life.

You will take the small grayish ball of blooming tea blooming tea and add it to a pot. Cover it with boiling water. There in your tea pot a beautiful flower begins to bloom. It is like a lifeless ball of tea comes to life as a blooming flower. That flower can add beauty to the table.

The best way to enjoy this drink is by using a clear serving set. Glass tea pots are perfect for the larger blooming flowers while clear teacups work well for the smaller ones. You will not need a strainer since the blooms are tied together using a cotton string and do not come lose in the tea cup. You will not have stray leaves.

One blooming flower will make ten to fifteen brewings of tea. The teas that are chose for the blooming teas are generally fruity and do not develop a bitter flavor like many others will. This makes them perfect for all the brewings for a continual enjoyment.

When planning a big girl tea party, be sure that you have at least one blooming tea flower. The will make a perfect centerpiece and a tasty treat to serve. The flower blossoms develops into a tasty drink in minutes. The clear tea pot is perfect to show off your tea. Once your pot is empty, just add more hot water to brew again and again.

Tea has been shown to offer many antioxidants that are good for your health. In addition, there is no better way to relax than to have you afternoon cup of tea. Blooming teas have virtually no caffeine. It will not give you the jitters of coffee. Instead, it calms and soothes you for the evening. Why not add even more enjoyment with the beauty of a blooming tea. It not only offers a wonderful taste, it offers an aesthetic beauty.

Blooming teas are a great gift idea for tea lovers. They offer the same beauty and flavor that you enjoy to your friends and families. If you want a some what larger gift basket, add clear serving wears such as tea pots or cups. You will have a lovely serving set for a unique gift idea.

If you are not a fan of hot teas, why not serve blooming teas over ice. Add the dry tea flower to a clear glass pitcher and brew with hot water. Once the flower has opened add cool water and serve in clear glasses. The floral taste may not even need sugar for a delicious iced tea.