Billboard Advertising Meaning, Advantages, Examples & Tips

Read more about times square advertising here. The success of a billboard advertising strategy depends on two factors – billboard design and location. Make sure to research well about your audience’s demographics and buying behaviour before choosing the location for your billboard. These “Billboards” are typically large format digital screens on trucks and buses. These are highly effective for dominating specific locations or events for short periods of time. They are also excellent for getting a message out in areas with limited traditional Billboard inventory. The right Billboard format for your brand can make or break your strategy.


Orphea4D Protection is a powerful insecticide spray for exteriors. This brilliant campaign promotes the brand by transforming a normal billboard into a huge insect trap. Transparent glue was applied on a portion of the billboard in a recognisable shape and when flies and mosquitoes got trapped there, they made the shape visible. Instead, with the help of advertising agency Jung Von Matt/Elbe, it came up with something much more imaginative and attention-grabbing. “The big challenge was the search for appropriate run-down houses,” Jung Von Matt/Elbe’s Max Pilwat explains. The billboards seamlessly blend modern design with functionality to help people while they remind them who is behind the act of generosity – it’s a clever way to sell.

Vinyl Billboards

Speaking of which, sign up with Penji and work with the best graphic designers for your billboards. Within 24 to 48 hours, the assigned designer will deliver the first draft. Should you want anything revised, click on any part of the image and type in your comments. The designer will revise the image according to your input and return to you with a new draft. Packages come with unlimited revisions, so feel free to request changes until you’re happy with the work. To choose the design category, click on the drop-down menu, and select Billboard ads.

We offer advertising opportunities in over 65 markets and in 60+ commercial airports nationwide. Whether we develop a campaign in a single market or nationwide, we’re here to help meet your goals. If someone needs more than a few seconds to comprehend your company’s message, then billboards are probably not worth your time. That is one of the main reasons why, after all these years, we still see billboards. For example, this restaurant uses the centre of its billboard to remind potential hungry drivers of this business’s services.

Digital Billboards are often capable of displaying dynamic and interactive messages based on real-time factors such as weather, sports scores and news. Creative on digital Billboards can also be swapped quickly and inexpensively whereas with static Billboards, reprinting and installing the message can be more time-consuming and expensive. Consider your budget for the Billboard advertising campaign. Different Billboard formats have different costs and those costs are higher or lower based on the factors we talked about above. These units are smaller in size than a Billboard but have more placement flexibility and are effective at reaching local slower speed traffic.

Although the original billboard itself can be pretty costly to design and erect, if placed effectively, it will more than make back its cost in sales. All that time in our cars adds up, and advertisements placed roadside where travelers and commuters can see them are sure to be noticed. Billboard advertising effectiveness has never been in question. That’s one main reason we still see billboards even today, after being around for so long. Billboard advertising is only effective if it leaves a long-lasting impression on viewers’ minds.