Commercial Truck Insurance: Diverse Policy Options for Different Drivers

Consider your current employment status and what industry you are in when shopping for commercial truck policy insurance. Truck insurance is available in many formats to suit the different needs of truckers.

Trucking companies can handle only one type cargo (refrigerated products, liquid chemicals, building materials, etc.) or haul multiple types of general freight. There are also many types and models of specialized trucks like the dump truck commercial trucking insurance.

Each subcategory in commercial trucking needs its own set of coverage amounts. A separate, specialized insurance policy may be required depending on the laws and costs of damage. Below are a few examples of these specialized coverage options.

Building Materials Hauler Insurance

This combination of truck liability and cargo insurance is necessary for construction vehicles that haul building material to and from job sites. Motor carriers that are heavily involved in construction will likely need insurance for building materials haulers as well as coverage for non-cargo special vehicles.

Produce Haulers Insurance

This coverage is targeted at refrigerated trucks that transport perishable food.

The majority of commercial trucks traveling daily are made up of trucks from the food and beverage industry. This commercial insurance mix can include coverage for physical and liability damages.

Tow Truck Insurance

This type commercial truck insurance covers liability in case of damage to other vehicles, and liability and other coverage clauses in the event of an accident involving the tow truck. Based on the use of the tow vehicle and its capacity, coverage amounts may vary.

It is also important for you to understand that the coverage needs individuals have will differ greatly from the needs of large motor carriers and their fleets of trucks with many employees.

Motor carriers must ensure adequate liability, injuries, and damage coverage for their drivers. They must ensure that their assets (such trucks, trailers, or cargo) are insured against vandalism and theft.

General Freight Insurance as well as General Liability

These two forms are the most basic coverage options for motorcarriers. General freight is an insurance policy that covers all cargo lines. General liability insurance can protect your actual business against damage or harm during daily operations.

Independent haulers have a lot of needs. These include protecting their trucks and maintaining liability coverage when they aren’t working for large companies. Motor carriers often bear the financial responsibility for independent drivers who are not under their control. Bobtail Insurance is a great way to be covered while you’re away from work.