How Much Is the Average Plumber Salary in 2023?

Master Plumber – You must show at least two years of experience as a licensed journeyman plumber, plus two years of supervisory experience as a journeyman plumber. You can substitute one year of supervisory experience, by completing an approved applied science or higher education degree. If you have a journeyman certificate, you must show proof of completion of an apprenticeship program, plus at least two years of experience supervised by a licensed master plumber to be able to get it. Journeyman Plumber – Those who want to become journeyman plumbers must show proof of 8,000 hours of work experience in the installation of commercial or residential plumbing. You can substitute up to 1,000 hours of related education for work experience. Additionally, chemistry courses can help provide a foundation of knowledge for the student to ensure that they can recognize chemical symbols on common plumber products, such as solder paste or MAPP gas. Taking a physics class is also a good choice for students so they can learn how water and gases flow.

Average Monthly Salary by State

Master Plumber – An applicant must have held a journey license for at least two years, show proof of 3,750 hours of training under the supervision of a licensed master plumber, and pass an exam. Plumbing Contractor – You must apply through an approved apprenticeship school and have completed four years of training and have passed a practical exam. In case you apply through a plumbing trade, you must have a current out-of-state plumbing license and must show proof of four years of experience.

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You can find programs at community colleges, trade institutes, and even the Professional Plumbing Association. After you graduate or get your GED, finding a technical school will help you toward your career of choice. This job requires you to make accurate measurements, so a proficiency in algebra, metric units of measure, and geometry will suit you well. Salary ranges depend on education, certifications, specific skill sets, and the number of years you’ve worked as a plumber.

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To be allowed to work, plumbers must hold a state license in North Carolina that is awarded by the State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating and Fire Sprinkler Contractors. You need to have in mind that some cities and counties have strict local requirements so you must check these before you begin work. Another state, where plumbers must hold a state license to be allowed to work as plumbers, is Louisiana.

More so, trying to locate the leak will waste valuable time if the plumber hasn’t already been called. Homeowners wondering whether to DIY or hire a plumber for their bathroom remodel will want to consider the benefits of having a pro at their disposal. Plumbers who offer warranties on their work help save clients money in the long run on the off chance they need further repairs. Finally, qualified plumbers will also carry liability insurance to cover costs in case of accidents. Otherwise, additional damages or injuries that result from the plumbing project are the responsibility of the DIYer. If a homeowner isn’t sure how to hire a plumber, they can start by looking into some of the best plumbing services in their area. Journeyman plumbers can start their own plumbing business, but they may struggle to find plumbers to hire, and some contract jobs won’t accept bids from companies that do not have a master plumber.

It could be challenging to locate the problem, but a licensed pro will know where to start. It’s frustrating to be unable to properly rinse out shampoo and conditioner due to low water pressure. If the shower head isn’t the problem, then the faucet’s aerator could be the culprit.

Plumbers in these locations may see higher wages due to increased demand for their skills. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the median income for plumbers in the United States is approximately $60,090 per year.