How to Get More YouTube Views

Getting more views on YouTube is essential for businesses using the platform for

video marketing. It can be frustrating to spend time creating a video that only earns

a few views.

Luckily, there are some simple things you can do to improve your chances of

increasing your YouTube views. Here are a few tips to help you get started:



Countless marketers, small business owners, and amateur vloggers are struggling to

get views on YouTube. Fortunately, there are several tactics that can help you

increase your views and grow your audience.

The first and most important strategy is to use keywords. Keywords are words or

phrases that accurately describe the content of your video. Search engines look for

keywords in titles, descriptions, and tags to determine how relevant your video is to

a user’s query.


It’s also important to target specific keywords with low competition. For example, if

your video is about camera gear, you should focus on the phrase “camera gear

reviews” with a high search volume and low competition. Google Trends is a great

tool to use for this, as it shows you the current popularity of your search term,

related searches, and other insights.

You can also use end screens and cards to encourage viewers to watch more videos

on your channel. This helps boost your view count because viewers tend to stay

longer on videos with more information or a call-to-action.


Custom Thumbnails

The thumbnail is your video’s “movie poster.” It will appear in search results, related

videos, and suggested videos. It is also the only visual representation of your

content that users see, so it must be enticing enough to get them to click and watch!

If a user doesn’t find your thumbnail appealing or relevant, they will likely click on

the next result and your video will get lost in the shuffle. This is why it is important

to customize your thumbnails and use attractive imagery that shares the benefits of

your video.


There are plenty of free tools online that allow you to create custom YouTube

thumbnails and other graphics. Fotor, for example, has a built-in video editor with a

wide range of templates and editing features to make your videos stand out.

Creating consistent and compelling thumbnails will help your viewers recognize your

style, build trust, and increase your click-through rate. Additionally, a great

thumbnail will help you establish brand identity and grow your audience on



Optimize for Google

When you optimize your videos for Google search, you’ll increase the likelihood that

they’ll show up as embedded video in SERPs. Video results are more likely for

certain queries, like “how-to” questions.

In addition to optimizing your titles and custom thumbnails, you can also leverage

tools to help you improve your YouTube SEO. For example, tools like TubeBuddy and

VidIq can help you analyze the tags used by competitors for a particular keyword.

They can also help you find keywords that are trending.


Unlike traditional SEO, which focuses on quality backlinks, YouTube ranks videos

based on a metric called Audience Retention. This metric measures how long people

watch your video. The longer they watch, the higher your video will rank. For this

reason, it’s important to create videos with value and encourage viewers to stay

tuned. You can do this by prompting them to share the video or offering a free

giveaway, like a contest.For more info, do visit this websitetopsmm.


Repurpose Your Content

YouTube is one of the most popular content platforms on the internet, but that

doesn’t mean your video should live and die there. In fact, it’s often a smart move to

take your videos beyond YouTube by repurposing them into other formats.

This gives you the chance to reach audiences that may not spend most of their time

on YouTube, and it also helps your videos stand out from the competition. For

example, you can turn your YouTube video into an audio podcast or even a



Another great way to repurpose your content is to add it to your email newsletter or

blog. This will help your audience connect with your brand in a new way, while also

driving engagement and helping you build trust and authority.