How to Manage a Remote Team: 14 Effective Tips for Your Business

We’ve been using Facebook Workplace to chat with each other, but have recently found a platform called Team Huddle. In work environments where teams contribute by being part of group brainstorming sessions, employees are more satisfied as they have more to learn from the existing mixed-skilled teams. It benefits their psychological well-being as they feel valued for their skills and understand that they are contributing to the bigger picture of the organization. Today, some of the best teams are self-organizing, cross-functional agile teams that come from a wide pool of global team members. Companies that allow remote workers can access a wider pool of talent. Apart from demonstrating support, listening to your remote team allows you to recognize the main barriers to productivity and collaboration.

Setting Expectations for Success

Instead, it would be much wiser to communicate through an instant messaging app. Remote team collaboration connects employees from different backgrounds and brings more skills and experiences to the table. This diversity in the team generates innovative ideas that are effective for growing businesses. Effective collaboration with a diverse workforce helps teams find new perspectives on dealing with roadblocks. In these challenging times, many businesses have chosen to migrate to a work-from-home setup and embraced remote team collaboration. Much of this is due to the SOPs necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, although quite a few businesses had adopted a remote work model that suited their needs prior to this.

When she is not researching the most productive collaboration techniques, she can usually be found trying out the latest team chat and collaboration tools and apps. Let everyone in on the charities and causes the company supports, and include all teams in the projects you’re planning. Organize virtual meetings to brainstorm different ways you can be of service to different communities and causes.

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When leading remote teams, it is important to stay on the same page as your remote employees. Follow our list of practical tips for managing remote employees and enhancing your business’s performance and productivity. As someone tasked with managing remote teams, you probably understand the need for breaks as working long hours can be stressful. Managing remote teams includes creating time for your remote workers to connect and cooperate among themselves. This helps make teamwork effortless and productive, as they build relationships and look out for each other. Adapting to this new work style can be scary, especially if there isn’t enough time to prepare for the change.

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If you use Slack, you can create specific channels with different intents. The scrum master should keep open communication channels to each part of the scrum team, as well as facilitate communication with the team as a whole. A remote scrum team should follow the core scrum tenants of clear communication, transparency, and a dedication for continuous improvement.