Rugged Portable Computer Systems For Multiple Applications

Information, knowledge and communication are crucial to today’s military missions in the field where rugged portable computer systems fill a crucial and necessary need. Constant and quick communication requires computers to be rugged and small enough to withstand the harshest environments. But aside from military applications, the same portable ruggedness is needed in civilian applications.

When a Computer system Validation institute in hyderabad raging forest fire is moving with lightening speed, jumping from one mountain side to another, the firefighting teams need to communicate quickly to give a status to ground and air operations of each situation. The computer systems need to withstand the heat and constant jostling as firefighters move with the fire to control it. In addition to withstanding heat, the computer systems have to withstand freezing cold, high elevations and plunge into the ocean depths.

Other emergency services include Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT teams), Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT teams), Logistical Support for all emergency branches of federal and civil government. Various industries have a need for rugged portable computer systems such construction, excavation, industrial facilities (treatment plants, chemical plants), shipyards, trucking, geological surveys as well as healthcare, laboratories, and humanitarian aid.

The technology, which grew from military applications, has made a smooth transition to civilian applications. Now using cutting edge technology in providing moving maps gives units real-time visibility of surroundings, coordinates unit movements with GPS mapping and gives complete situation awareness in urban and rural environments. As our needs for rugged portable computer systems increases, you can be sure the technology will continue to decrease in size yet increase in computing strength.