The Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

If you’re considering installing an epoxy floor, the best option is to hire a professional, licensed contractor in Phoenix to do the job. This company specializes in custom epoxy solutions, so you can rest assured they’ll be reliable, experienced, and professional. Phoenix epoxy flooring installation contractors are bonded and licensed, and they have years of experience creating customized epoxy solutions for clients. To learn more about the benefits of epoxy flooring phoenix, contact one of our contractors for a free consultation.

Cost of epoxy flooring

The cost of epoxy flooring in Phoenix varies widely. Depending on the square footage of the garage, the coating can cost anywhere from $3.50 to $7.60 per square foot. However, the final price of the project depends on the type of material used and the amount of epoxy that is required. A professional can apply the coating in a timely manner and estimate how much epoxy you will need to finish the project. The process may take between three and five minutes, depending on the size of the garage.

Professionally installed epoxy is very durable. With regular maintenance, it can last anywhere from eight to twelve years. The cost of Phoenix epoxy flooring varies significantly, but if installed properly, it can last up to fifteen years. Some companies offer free quotes. To get a better idea of what to expect, contact Wet Paint to schedule a free consultation. You can also use the service of a local epoxy contractor in Phoenix.

Types of epoxy flooring

If you’re considering resurfacing your concrete floor, you’ve likely considered the benefits of epoxy flooring. This material is not porous and provides scratch and stain-resistance. In addition, epoxy flooring is durable and can protect concrete slabs from damage by heavy forklifts. Dialed In Epoxy Flooring in Phoenix specializes in a double-broadcast high-build epoxy system. For a glossy, resilient finish, epoxy is the best option.

Industrial applications often call for self-dispersing epoxy flooring. This type of floor coating is particularly durable and can resist water, oil, slippage, and fire. Epoxy flooring can be installed over either old or new concrete. There are several types of epoxy flooring available at AZ Polished Concrete. Each type of epoxy flooring offers different benefits for a variety of purposes.

Find out which type is best for your needs!


If you’re looking for an extremely durable floor that doesn’t require much upkeep, epoxy flooring in Phoenix is the answer. Epoxy is the ultimate in durability and resists stains and abrasion. It’s also incredibly easy to maintain, so you can spend more time enjoying your new floor. Here are some benefits of epoxy flooring. Read on to learn more about this amazing flooring material. It is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas in Phoenix.

Epoxy floors are ideal for warehouses, industrial facilities, and hospitals. Industrial facilities can benefit from the durability and longevity of epoxy floors. Grey epoxy floors are particularly bright and durable, and are an excellent choice for laboratories, mechanic shops, warehouses, and Arizona’s health care industry. Plus, Dialed-in Epoxy Floors don’t harbor bacteria, making them easy to clean. These floors are also extremely easy to maintain, so you’ll never have to worry about keeping them looking fresh.


If you want to maintain the beauty and durability of your Phoenix-area epoxy floors, regular cleaning is essential. If you’re worried about leaving streaks on the surface, use paper towels or shop towels to wipe up spills and drippings. For more difficult stains, use (4/1) ammonia and water. Using harsh chemicals can damage the finish, leaving it dull and unattractive. Cleaning your Phoenix-area epoxy floors once a year can remove a thin layer of dirt and grime.

If you’ve chosen the perfect floor for your Phoenix-area home, there are many things to keep in mind. While the floor will require some maintenance, it is relatively easy to care for. It’s also easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance. Unlike other floors, an epoxy floor can last for years, so you don’t have to worry about putting off your painting project or doing repairs. Even better, epoxy flooring can also increase the value of your Phoenix-area property.