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Business owners need to check with their state and local city county clerk office to check for specific permits. It has plenty of challenges that are unique to the profession. The pay is good, and a job in towing is all but guaranteed to be secure. So if you’re a good driver with a clean license, drug-free and in good physical shape, tow truck driving might be the career for you. Towing companies will also run a background check on you most of the time.

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It’s unlikely that a company would hire a driver with a drug record or any signs of drugs in his or her system. As more vehicles travel on our roadways each year, there are also more opportunities for licensed tow truck drivers. A tow truck can compete with other towing services by having fast response times.

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Don’t spend too much time manually planning routes, instead use Upper Route Planner. Import your delivery information, plan and optimize routes within just a few seconds. You will not only be following a well-optimized route with Upper Route Planner, but you will also have customer details and their location readily available on the portal. Establish business pages and accounts on Yelp, Facebook, Google my Business, and Twitter for online presence where you can share updates, news, images, and reviews. Determine who your company will serve, and then create a more specific ideal client profile.

Whether your car is rated to tow a trailer or not, CURT likely offers a custom receiver hitch for your make and model, even if it is only used for attaching a bike rack or cargo carrier. The height of the hitch affects the tongue weight as well as the truck’s braking ability. It’s critical that the trailer sits level when it’s attached to the tow vehicle. A hitch that can be adjusted for height is helpful if you have to tow different trailers. For heavy load towing, your company could specialize in moving manufactured homes and equipment, so your target audience would be builders or construction companies. While business planning do consider insurance, marketing, and branding materials. Also determine how much you will need to charge for your business to be profitable.

By using the StateCE self-study program, students can more closely manage their educational experience. From the speed at which you move through the course material to how frequently you practice, you are in complete control. Conventional tow truck — also known as a hook and chain truck, these are what most people think of when they refer to a tow truck. Chains are wrapped around the axles and frames of the vehicle that needs to be towed. The back arm of the truck then lifts the vehicle so only two of the wheels remain on the ground, making it easy for the vehicle to be towed when put in neutral. Hook and chain trucks aren’t as popular as they once were, mainly because the chains can scratch the vehicle’s paint and cause other damage.