Walk Poetry – A New Poem is As Close As a Stroll

The Yawning Burial place

Demise Frees a Pale Pony

For here in truth do we have a place in the yawning burial chamber? To allow our childhood to tell our stories not as we have told them-Not initially, but rather the pale truth; our natural diseased situation…

Finally, finally! Passing who rides حكم وامثال a pale pony, finishes up our natural score, puts his hand onto the horrible parchment, and hands it to us-cold dead!

Horrid at sight, feel sorry for runs profound to the center he mumbles for earth and breath, which is no more: “Finally he feels the soil of the grave (says the man on the pale pony)- the dead who once raved upon the earth, he raves no more. He is with his interminable kind, the devils and ten-winged Master, the mythical beast. Ousted from earth and nobody morne’d.”

No: 3000 (Night Sonnets III) 8-5-2011)

Vision of Apollo
((From Prophetic Dreams 1984) (12 PM Sonnets III))

Apollo-long brilliant bound hair
Solid body, similar to a Charioteer’s-
How, how-he slipped into
My vision
Brilliant temple
No lyre or brilliant fire
He smiled and looked
With curse
He brought up me
(to his company)
Remained inside my scope
Needed to disregard my confidence
Why I was not squashed
In this vision
Was not his choice!
At the point when I turned my head
All things considered… I said: “Be gone”
It was close to Know Christ
Then, at that point, a holy messenger showed up
Also, his rage became


Taking care of the Crows
(A Sonnet on Truth) 12 PM Sonnets III

O Truth! Here my soundless notes,
Ring…where would you say you are?
What my creative mind seizes is this reality?
Every one of the interests that have at any point been
that has existed before me, that
Have been spoken into my own delicate
reserved ears-
Is this truth…?

Maybe I envisioned it, or did I see it?
a kid taking care of crows-
The winged animals negligently
almost swooning with shock,
In the open unplowed fields
Under the shallow top of time-:
Is this truth…!

O faint mouth’d Artist… what is truth?

No: 2994 (8-1-2011) 12 PM Sonnets III


The Pallbearers
(A Sonnet for the old timers) 12 PM Sonnets III

There’s no utilization whimpering over lost Youngsters
We realize most lost kids stay lost.
In any case, it’s most likely best additionally, to let the crying and
Whining rest… time is short, best case scenario.
Also, the pallbearers, they’re pausing…

The old can never pickup on their lost dreams
It’s generally challenging to compensate for those lost days.
However, we can in any case recount our more youthful years,
Also, we can in any case take care of the pigeons in the recreation area.
Also, the pallbearers, they’ll in any case be pausing

No: 2973 (7-9-2011)


Upon a Section
(A Sonnet for the living) 12 PM Sonnets III

The quiet hearted (dead) hears no words from the living-the burial place takes care of the lamenting. None return from that point that they might murmur in thy ear how they charge… At the point when the dead will be dead, we are no greater than meat on a transport line, going to the section. What’s more, no one takes their merchandise with them.

No: 2977 (7-16-2011) 11:30 p.m.


On the off chance that I Stop Being
(A Sonnet of a dream, prophetic) 12 PM Sonnets III

Ino longer have the trepidation that I might fail to be-
With pen and hand I have composed what I have seen,
Viewed the starr’d face of Christ, his hand;
Thus, in the event that I ought to never view you more,
I will savor the past, mirroring that joy….

No 2997 (8-2-2011)


Haggentis’ Impiety
((An Account of Stone Pile of the Wild Feline) (12 PM Sonnets III))

Stone Stack of the Wild Feline
Section One

Before times heat-beat was
The wide wings of Haagentis
stirred the air; from that point,
Alongside the swollen foreheads
of the Monster Fighters of-the
Extraordinary Stone Store of the Wild Feline
in the BashanValley,he seize,