What Causes Roof Damage?

As with any other part of the home the roof is likely to be damaged. Due to its exposedness to elements it is the most vulnerable component of the home. It is subject to the most tension and stress. The roof, however, is usually the last thing that is noticed in the upkeep of the home. Many homeowners paint their walls or new bathroom fixtures, however how many actually have their roof repaired or replaced? Even with the latest developments in roof designs roofing systems, roofs are still less durable than walls Roofer.

There are many reasons for damage to the roof. Here are a few of them:

Poor maintenance – As was stated earlier roofing is usually the least-maintained part of the home. If it is regularly monitored by the homeowner, any damage can be detected when it is in the beginning and repairs can be made quickly.

Incorrect installation Roofs are the most significant aspect of your home. Therefore it is recommended to get a highly experienced and certified roofing professional put up your roof. Before you begin any construction at your house, ensure that your contractor is certified prior to allowing any work to be done for your roof. If your roof isn’t installed correctly, it could be covered by manufacturer warranties which are not valid and could reduce your roof’s overall lifespan. Another reason that can contribute to poor roofing is that over the last 15 years, due to the constant change in the economic environment, bids for new construction has become so competitive that roofing contractors have had to cut corners to complete the task. They have to contend with unfavorable weather conditions to meet their deadlines. Often the moisture gets trapped within the roofing structure, which could cause roof damage in the early years.

Weathering and aging The moment your roof is put up and it starts to age, it will begin to degrade. Why? It’s exposed immediately to sun as well as rain, sleet, and snow. A high temperature can dry out the roofing paper , and it’s blasted by high winds and rain. from storms. Melting and freezing snow could create the formation of an “ice dam” that creates reservoirs of water that leak beneath roof tiles, causing grave roof damage underneath the surface. Hailstorms can cause serious destruction to the roof.

Vibrations Natural events like earth tremors , or even severe storms like tornadoes or hurricanes could create damage on your roofing and other areas of your house. Even if the home is situated far away from natural disasters the structure can be subject to enough impact to put an undue strain on the structure, which could cause roof damage later on. Certain vibrations that cause damage to the roof could come from machinery, equipment such as air conditioners, trains, and even the movement of trucks.

Problems in Flashing – The goal of flashing is creating an airtight, watertight line between roof sections, roofing materials and other components of the home, and between roof materials and roof projections. Flashing may cause problems as a result of installation or design errors or flashing problems that result due to wind damage. The most common cause of flashing problems is leaks.

Mechanical Damage – Due to all the advancements in modern technology, it’s now commonplace to install various items of equipment on the roof like cooling units for air conditioners, phones or TV antennas signs supports and so on. These items add extra pressure on your roof. Furthermore the equipment usually requires maintenance. When an expert is working onto the roof, damage could be caused to the roof. The mere act of climbing on the roof may cause a tiny crack in a flashing , which could cause leaks or damage afterward.

Falling objects – Falling objects, such as branches of trees, birds , small animals, or even falling objects falling from nearby buildings could cause small roof damage to the roof. If these minor damages are not addressed and addressed immediately, they could turn into major issues.

If you pay the same care to the roof of your home as you pay attention to the walls and other components of your home which you maintain or improve, you can easily spot roof damage at an earlier stages. Attention to roof damage as soon as it is noticed will allow you to avoid serious damages that can result in expensive roofing replacement.